Thursday, April 7, 2011

If nobody pays attention to the date on this, I'll look really smart.

On Monday, the Brewers were 0-4, the season apppeared all but lost, and was surging in popularity. A nice winning streak can calm things down nicely, and here are some quick cuts on why nobody should have ever been nervous.

1. All teams go through some tough stretches. The 2008 Brewers had one 4-game losing streak, one 6-game losing streak, and on three seperate occasions, went 6 games without a win.

2. Milwaukee is playing without the services of Corey Hart, Jonathon Lucroy, and Zack Greinke. That's three average or better regulars whose spots are being taken by three guys who would generously be described as "replacement level." Upon their return, the team could improve fast.

3. The bullpen: Two of the four losses were blown spectacularly by John Axford and Takashi Saito. Axford's two saves have been shaky, and it's very possible he ends up being a one-year wonder, but if/when he finds his rythmn, watch out. As has been previously noted, there are also several guys in the high minors who could likely make an impact soon.

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